C3ISP mission is to define a collaborative and confidential information sharing, analysis and protection framework as a service for cyber-security management. C3ISP innovation is the possibility to share information in a flexible and controllable manner inside a collaborative multi-domain environment to improve detection of cyber-threats and response capabilities, still preserving the confidentiality of the shared information. C3ISP paradigm is collect, analyse, inform, and react..

My activity: I am WP leader of the ISP-pilot (WP2) that aims at collecting cyber-security information from ISP to discover cyber-security attacks and mitigate future ones. Also. I am involved in the WP1, WP7, WP8, WP9 and WP10.

Securing Smart Airports

The goal of this project is to deliver a document with the purpose of providing information and solutions to mitigate cyber-security attacks in the airport within the Member States of the European Community..

CoCo Cloud

CoCo Cloud is a project that allows cloud users to securely and privately share their data in the cloud. Here, I provide my expertise in security within the Data Sharing Policies work package. As CNR member my goal is to provide a system to manage privacy policies and in particular a software to discover policies that are in conflict. This part requiems that the software is available in the cloud and reachable through APIs.


HC@WORKS-2 is a project that extends the results obtained in the project HC@WORKS. This new project aims to bridge the gap between the case studies developed in HC@WORKS and pointing in the construction of pre-products with the clear intention of the three industrial partners to integrate their products with the aim of reaching the market level in 2017/18.


HC@WORKS is a project that aims at the demonstration and implementation of techniques of Homomorphic Encryption for privacy protection. In this project, I am involved in the design and development of the architecture of communication between the client and cloud, which will host the services to privately analyse the users’ data.


Secure! is a project funded by the Tuscany Region aiming at managing and discovering dangerous situations that may happen in public places. Secure! works by collecting information from Social Networks, websites or/and users registered to the Secure! platform. In the project, I am in charge of securing the entire architecture. In fact, hardening the architecture blocks is a fundamental step to avoid attacks from malicious users. Attacks range from the classical external intrusion to the fake information spreading. To protect project components from external attacks, I have created and managed APIs using RESTful-services with SSL support, firewall, Intrusions detection System (IDS), Antivirus and set-up Virtual-Machines that fulfil all security requirements. Moreover, I have worked at the implementation of a reputation systems to protect the architecture from fake messages spreading.

Trust in the Cloud

Trust in the Cloud aimed at bringing trust aspects into the Cloud by assuring that all data that travel across the cloud are not accessed by unauthorised people. My contribute was to create a client-server communication in which users’ authentication and authorization where exploited by means of certificates written with the RTML language (Role-based Trust-management Markup Language), and then verified server-side using a RTML parser and a signature verification, which a personally developed.