Paolo Mori


Trust, Security and Privacy Research Unit

Istituto di Informatica e Telematica

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche


My research interests involve trust, security and privacy in distributed systems, mobile devices, and Online Social Networks, focusing on access/usage control and privacy in Cloud, mobile devices, and Internet of Things. I also worked in the high performance computing field, focussing on the parallelization of irregular problems. I usually serve in the Organization and Program Committees of international conference/workshops, such as the “International Conference of Information System Security and Privacy (ICISSP)”, and the "International Workshop on Emerging Technologies for Authentication and Authorization (ETAA)". I'm (co-)author of several papers published on international journals and conference/workshop proceedings (see papers page). I'm actively involved in research projects on information and communication security (see projects page).



Italian Distributed Ledger Technology Working Group, also CINI working group on Blockchain

Master in Cybersecurity, Università di Pisa

International Conference of Information System Security and Privacy

International Workshop on Emerging Technologies for Authorization and Authentication


office: B65A

via G. Moruzzi, 1  56124, Pisa - Italy  (how to get here)


skype: paolo.mori

phone: +39 050 315 2069

mobile: +39 348 4467100