Hi, my name is Giovanni Resta and I'm a researcher in computer science at IIT-CNR in Pisa, Italy.

My official, institutional web page can be reached here and here is my hopefully updated list of publications.

These below are some of my personal web pages.

  • Numbers Aplenty
    On-line detection of more than 170 properties of numbers up to 15 digits. Check today date written as a number: 7182024
  • Anagram It!
    An on-line anagram solver to find anagrams of words or phrases and help you finding words for Scrabble.
  • Cryptarithms: Create and Solve
    An on-line program to play with Cryptarithms and Alphametics.
  • Ask Dr. Matrix
    An on-line numerologist who will find connections between numbers and words.
  • Polypolyominoes
    A fascinating problem involving polyominoes.
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