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Secure SMS Messaging is a MIDlet for end-to-end SMSs exchanging implementation. It allows to exchange secure SMSs using security mechanisms: authentication and integrity properties are ensured by HMAC, while sensitive information are ensured by IDEA cpyptography. This is a multithread application which can manage, at the same time, both input messages and output messages.


TLS Messaging software allows to exchange messages thoough GPRS in a secure and private way. It allows X.509 certificate and its own private key, in PKCS8 - DER format, storage on a smartphone. Information transfer happens between a PC and a smartphone by Bluetooth connection, using an authentication mechanism based on nonce challenge and IDEA cryptography. The stored certificate and the private key can be used to authenticate the device to a computer system or to digitally sign plaintext messages sent to a Web server by a TLS connection over a GPRS/EDGE or UMTS network. The Web server restricts its features to verify the digital signature and store received information in a simply MySQL database. The application can be extended in various kind of use, from general ecommerce to ad hoc application.