:: Interests

Research Area

:: Shared Mobility Algorithms and Performance
:: Social Effects of Shared Mobility
:: Shared Mobility Users' Privacy
:: Sustainable Mobility Paradigms
:: Intelligent Transportation Systems
:: Fleet Dispatching

:: Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
:: Intelligent Transportation Systems
:: Peer to Peer Networks
:: Load balancing
:: Wireless Mesh Community Networks

:: Meta-Search
:: Personalization
:: Collection Fusion
:: Document Fusion
:: Information Filtering
:: Distributed Schema Matching
:: Automatic Resource Selection

:: Microarray Data Analysis
:: Microarray Gene Expression Data Clustering
:: Simple and Structured Motifs Identification and Extraction
:: Exact and Approximate Tandem Repeats Identification and Extraction

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:: Bianca and Marta (my daughters), Andrea (my son) and Paolo (my husband) :)
:: Sport (running, tennis, swimming, bike, ski)
:: Yoga and Meditation
:: Volunteering, Recycling, Sharing
:: Reading, Cooking, Gardening, Travelling
:: Cinema and Theater (having time to go... ;)