:: Interests

Research Area

:: Sustainability of Ubiquitous EV Transition (economic, social, environmental)
:: Shared Mobility Algorithms and Performance
:: Smart Mobility Privacy Issues
:: Social Effects of Shared Mobility
:: Shared Mobility Users' Privacy
:: Sustainable Mobility Paradigms
:: Intelligent Transportation Systems
:: Fleet Dispatching

:: Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
:: Intelligent Transportation Systems
:: Peer to Peer Networks
:: Load balancing
:: Wireless Mesh Community Networks

:: Meta-Search
:: Personalization
:: Collection Fusion
:: Document Fusion
:: Information Filtering
:: Distributed Schema Matching
:: Automatic Resource Selection

:: Microarray Data Analysis
:: Microarray Gene Expression Data Clustering
:: Simple and Structured Motifs Identification and Extraction
:: Exact and Approximate Tandem Repeats Identification and Extraction

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Hobbies and Passions

:: My daughters Bianca and Marta, my son Andrea, Paolo, and my sweet dog Bowie J.
:: Yoga and Meditation
:: Volunteering, Recycling, Sharing
:: Reading, Cooking, Gardening, Travelling
:: Cinema and Theater.. having time to go! ;)
:: Sport (running, tennis, swimming, bike, ski)

I love walking on the beach (in winter too), doing yoga, traveling, gardening and cooking, and I'm very passionate in experimenting new recipes from around the world, and in transferring this passion and my Italian food heritage to my 3 beloved children, Bianca, Marta and Andrea.